These classes are suitable if you want to study Japanese with a regular program in a nice atmosphere and with reduced groups of up to 8 persons.

We will develop the classes with a principal textbook and we will work on all the aspects of the language: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, listening comprehension, texts comprehension, kanji, and so forth.

The academic course will be carried out in two semesters: from September to December and from January to June.

Registration to start studying in September will begin in the middle of July (there are no new groups in English that start in January)

We provide you with two methods of classes, which are one day a week and two days a week:

  • It will take two academic courses for the groups which take one lesson a week to complete one specific level (only option available for groups in English).
  • It will take one academic course for the groups which take two lessons a week to complete one specific level


Progress by level

* This is the last course in which the book called Minna no Nihongo are used for the groups of A1.2 and A2.2 and from the next course the book Bunka Nihongo Shokyu will be used to standardize all the levels.


Days & Timetables





Important information regarding the classes:

  • Minimum age: 16 years old (in case that the student is underage, their parents’ or guardian’s written consent will be necessary).
  • This classes will be taught in English.
  • Without entrance fee and continuance obligation, the payment shall be made monthly.
  • Ask us about our discount for the students of the same family.
  • Textbooks are not included in the monthly fee, which are in charge of the student (to click here, you can consult which textbook will be necessary for each level).
  • At least 3 students are required in order that one group can take classes (up to 8 students for the groups in school). If the course does not reach minimum required students, Espai Wabi-Sabi reserves the right to cancel the course.
  • If you come from another school or teacher having used different textbooks from Espai Wabi-Sabi, you will have to take our level test and we will decide which group is better for you.
  • If our timetables do not suit your level or need, write to us and we will intend to look for an alternative for you to be able to study with us.


Place reservation and registration:

  • Students with prior level can enroll at any moment of the year, passing level test previously.
  • You can download the registration form clicking here, where you will find all the necessary instructions to enroll in our school and make a reservation of your place


Advantages of studying in Espai Wabi-Sabi:

  • Native and trained teachers with various years of experience in teaching of Japanese language for foreigners.
  • Without entrance fee.
  • Additional teaching material for the class provided by teacher.
  • Personalized support and follow out of the class.


Contact us

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